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Company buildingMRB Automation GmbH is a company designing and manufacturing specialised machinery for the production, assembly, adjustment and testing of individual parts, modules and complete products.

Come to us if you are interested in achieving faster, more cost-effective and higher quality production. MRB Automation GmbH designs the most modern machines and equipment and with them, you, the customer, can leave your competition behind. The measure of your success is the measure of our success.

As our customer, you have in MRB Automation a competent and reliable partner to consult on all matters relating to the automation of your manufacture. As yourconsultant and toolmaker, we are interested in the long term, actively striving to forge an enduring partnership with you on a basis of fairness and mutual trust.

The company’s success to date has been founded on the great commitment of its staff, their many years of experience and their enthusiasm to seek the best solution to the most challenging of technical problems. For its staff, RB Automation places equal importance on continuous staff training, good teamwork, appropriate delegation of responsibility and a modern, attractive working environment. Our design and development engineers are supported technically by state of the art CAD systems and sophisticated data processing systems. Our specialist mechanical engineers use the most modern forms of CNS technology to convert the design engineers’ plans into highly productive machines and equipment.

MRB Automation’s solutions make use of state of the art, industrially-tested technologies and components. We are always open to innovative ideas and technologies in our search for rapid solutions to customers’ changing needs.

For example, we are now having great success in the application of highly dynamic piezo-drive systems with resolution on the sub-micrometer scale so that parts can be positioned at high speed. Furthermore, many MRB Automation machines and solutions include state-of-the-art industrial image processing systems.

Among MRB’s customers are companies from all of the following fields: car parts manufacture, sensor technology, plastics technology, biomedical technology, precision engineering, optics and the thermometer industry.


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mehr Informationen: hier